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HeartFlame Reiki

Kanji symbol for reiki

Our Experience

Heartflame Reiki is a partnership between two gifted healers, teachers and awakeners.   Bill Taylor and Mary Lynn Perry offer a tapestry of energy healing, all heart-centered, that addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing that the client most needs.  These energies include Usui Reiki, Quantum Touch and The Reconnection.

Bill has been a Reiki Master for 9 years and has taught Reiki Level I and Level II classes through the City of Sacramento's Wellness program for the past 5 years.  Bill has taken lay vows in the Shingon Buddhist tradition and also does shamanic extraction work. Mary Lynn has been practicing Reiki for 7 years and is also a Reiki Master.

They have both received additional Master Teacher attunements in Komyo Reiki Kai from Hyakuten Inamoto opens new window, a Buddhist monk from Kyoto. Inamoto Sensei is in a direct, short lineage from Usui Sensei, the founder of the Reiki system.

Bill and Mary Lynn, along with their students, often offer free Reiki demonstrations at annual Wellness Expos, charitable fund raising events and other community events.

Both Bill and Mary Lynn have been pursuing their "spiritual path" and have been exploring wellness and alternative/complimentary healing methods for many years.