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Kanji symbol for reiki

What People Are Saying About Our Training

"The stress reduction exercises were excellent, thank you so much for presenting that material. I think it was a nice ending to the morning and I certainly felt calmer after doing the meditation."
--- Lillian Nelson, Volunteer Services Manager, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Northern California

"I had received Reiki sessions before, but when... I received a Reiki treatment from Mary Lynn at HeartFlame Reiki it made such an impact on me.  I was driven to pursue an attunement from Mary Lynn and Bill.  The subtle calming energy that Reiki is has become the cornerstone of my spiritual practice.  And Mary Lynn and Bill's approach offered knowledge as well as a mastery of the Reiki energy that I will always be grateful for.  Thanks again to both Mary Lynn and Bill!"
--- Todd Grosby, Intuitive, Placerville, CA

"It's been nice working with you, and thanks again for the Reiki. I use it almost every night for my husband now. He really loves it and it helps him relax and sleep so much better. It helps me focus and relax while I'm doing it too. "
--- J.N., Sacramento, California

"Thank you for your presentation of From Stress to Success to the Foster Grandparent Program. Your presentation was informative to the senior volunteers who attended as well as to the staff... The volunteers had a multitude of questions answered... and got involved due to your expertise and friendly style... Afterward, several Foster Grandparents made complimentary comments about your presentation."
--- Dennis Brodsky, Program Director, Foster Grandparent Program, County of Sacramento, CA

"I hope that you will come again. This was a wonderful opportunity for our kids to acquire some new skills. You're TOPS! Thank You! I asked the kids for their feedback in the leadership meeting and these were (some of) their comments: 'She was really nice and easy going.' 'I learned new ways to relieve stress.' "Those who did the activities really enjoyed them."
--- Christina DeMoss- Giffin, Program Coordinator, WIA Youth Program, City of Sacramento, CA